Drake and Future’s new album is an instant hit

Giovanni Lopez, Reporter


What a time to be alive. It’s as if the “6 Gods” have answered our prayers. Drake and Future, the hottest rappers in the game just released another set of bangers. “What a Time to Be Alive” is the collaboration effort made by these two hip-hop superstars.

The mix tape couldn’t have come at a better time, with Drake previously releasing an album back in May, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” which debuted at No. 1 on the billboard charts, and coming out on top after a beef with Meek Mill, Drake has made many hits to add to his throne.

Future dropped his third studio album, “Dirty Sprite 2,” earlier this year and, wouldn’t you guess? It also debuted at No. 1. These two set out to cook something up in their kitchen, and boy did they deliver. The chemistry between the two is seen with the first track, “Digital Dash,” with Future rapping about his rise in power with running the streets, and Drake emphasizing he reigns as the king of the rap game.

In “Live From The Gutter,” the third track on the album, Drake and Future speak about the struggles they have faced. Drake speaks of the struggles he has because of his status. Future leans more toward the reality of growing up in Atlanta and his struggles balancing his life as a musician and his life in the “drug” game.

Talking about their massive success with “Big Rings” and “Scholarships,” these tracks focus on their team and how far it has taken them. “Change Locations” is probably one of my favorite tracks. Drake and Future go off about the ability to go to a strip club, spend some money with their friends, buy all the alcohol that they can, and having to change locations to continue the party elsewhere.

The collaboration between the two is prodigious as seen in “Jumpman.” With no hook or chorus, Drake and Future rap back and forth, in a sense passing the ball to each other. “Jumpman” is referring to the Michael Jordan’s brand.

“Jersey” is the only solo track by Future. It speaks about him being a top-selling artist, his love for “syrup,” and his lifestyle. Given the spotlight, Future delivers and shows why he is at the level he is at today.

“30 for 30 Freestyle,” the final and also Drake’s solo track, finishes off the album with Drake recounting his beef with Meek Mill, and alludes to Pablo Escobar in the verse “Papi Champu, young Pablito de seis dos” also referencing “6 Gods.”

Overall, “What a Time to Be Alive” demonstrates the power and respect Drake and Future have. With both artists having No. 1 albums, I can’t wait to hear what is to come.

5 Stars