Roberson reflects on his last season as a Renegade

Malachi Parker, Reporter

Electrifying special team specialist Cameron Roberson BC career has come to an end.

Roberson started playing at the age of six, and actually had to lie about his age because he wasn’t quite old enough to play yet. Roberson played Pop Warner ball until he was in high school and was able to suit up for the Garces Rams. After his illustrious years at Garces, he was able to go down the street and suit up for the Renegades.

Roberson, in his time at BC, was a swiss army knife for the Renegades offense. In his two seasons on the field, he totaled 15 touchdowns. (3 rushing, 6 receiving, 6 on returns)

Malachi Parker
Cameron Roberson stands alone on the field as he awaits a punt.

“Suiting up for Garces and BC was an extreme honor. There is so much history that goes into both programs and I just wanted to be a part of the tradition. Putting on the pads for both programs meant a great deal to me,” said Roberson.

Roberson couldn’t stress enough how much he would miss his teammates and the memories and the home environment he’s built with everyone he has been around.

“I’ll miss the people I’ve come close with. We all went to different high schools and weren’t as close. For 22 out of 24 months though, we all played for the same team so we really built a brotherhood that will be forever, said Roberson.

Roberson wants to continue playing at a D1 school, however, he is still uncertain right now. He wants to play for a school in California or Arizona but will take whatever chance he is given to show his talents.