BC holds social justice conference for the students

Bianca Cacciola, Reporter

BC held a social justice conference in the indoors theater, located on the main campus, on Dec. 10. This event hosted NFL players Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints, and Josh Norman, Washington Redskins, as guest speakers.

The conference began by the Aztec people who led a prayer circle and friendship dance for the people in attendance. This activity was to celebrate a different culture and to welcome unity and harmony among strangers.

Davis was the first of the guests to speak and introduced his three mantras that have helped him be active in tending to others.

“Number one, empathy over sympathy, number two, equity over equality, and number three, selflessness over selfishness. I feel like if all of us applied those principles, we could live a lot better lives. We are all in this safe country and we have to realize that we all play a part,” Davis said.

Norman and Davis began to help Jose Bello, a BC student that was detained by ICE two times, about two years ago to help change everyone’s minds involved with Bello’s detainment.

“Don’t be discouraged of small beginnings, […] small beginnings is where you become and tremendously move change,” Norman said.

Other panelists were present, but the media was asked not to disclose the identities of panelists or the personal information to ensure their safety. News stations were turned away and pictures were asked to not be taken.