Bakersfield College is still under construction

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

Bakersfield College has closed off certain routes and access to the campus due to the Measure J construction of a new Science and Engineering building at the beginning of spring semester.

The Science and Engineering Building is a new three-story building that will have offices, labs, and classroom for those who are in the Science and Engineering department. This project costs $65 million program value and is currently in design, according to the Bakersfield College website.

“We are breaking ground on the Science and Engineering building in March, along with the gym and field house in May,” Bakersfield College program manager Tamara Baker said.

While that project is being built, more projects like the Campus Center is currently on schedule with its construction. This building with include food services, Bakersfield College foundation, Student Government, and provide a new conference center with flexible room arrangements, according to the Bakersfield College website.

“All of our projects are currently on schedule,” Tamara Baker said. “The new unveiling Vernon Valenzuela Veterans Resource Center was finished ahead of schedule.”

With the current construction happening, normal routes like the parking lot to the SE and IT buildings (P5) was closed off. The new ways of access to the SE building are the south side of the building, and the hallway with the large lecture rooms will be through the SE courtyard and breezeway from the biology lab side of the building, according to the press release.

Additional areas on campus have also been closed off, like the Solar Parking Lot, because a sewer line is being relocated as part of the infrastructure work, according to the press release.

Students and staff can use updated construction maps with the paths of travel in order to help find their locations on campus, which are on the “A Better BC website.” However, it has become difficult for some of the disabled students to use the new routes on campus because it can be dangerous for them to travel.

“The Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) department and the construction have made communications to our disabled students and staff a priority as these construction projects break ground,” Baker said. “Bakersfield College wants to ensure that safety is always at the forefront for all of our students and staff.”

All of the construction has impacted the way some students have to plan their daily schedules at BC’s main campus.

“It takes us a longtime to get to class, so we have to come way early.” Bakersfield College Criminal Justice major Yanet Soviano said.