Student hits kiosk belonging to the Journalism program

Amanda Hernandez, Sports and Digital Editor

The damaged news kiosk located in front of the Office of Student Life. (Amanda Hernandez )

The Bakersfield College Journalism program received a report on Mar. 6 regarding damage to the news kiosk located by the Office of Student Life.

According to the staff at the Office of Student Life, a student employee was utilizing a golf cart during his working hours and had no intention of causing damage to the kiosk.

However, the impact of the collision caused enough damage to deem it nonfunctional and a potential hazard for students on campus.

After receiving the report, the head professor of Journalism Erin Auerbach also assessed the damage and requested that it be replaced.

The office of Student Life at BC has apologized for the incident and agreed to pay for the damages by replacing the kiosk with a new functional one.

Unfortunately, the kiosks themselves cost anywhere from three to four hundred dollars and this was the price paid when they were originally purchased before the prices were impacted by inflation.

For the time being, the Office of Student Life has also agreed to carry a fair amount of printed newspapers in the office while the kiosk is in the process of replacement so that students who are around that area of campus could still have quick access to a newspaper.