BC New Student Convocation

Marcus Castro, Editor in Chief

With the fall semester quickly approaching, Bakersfield College hosted a New Student Convocation where new students and their parents were welcome to attend.

“The event is to acknowledge students beginning a path to education… it’s to get them engaged to how students should be,” said BC Director of Student Life Nicky Damania.

The convocation was held on Aug. 20 at BC in the newly built outdoor theater on the northeast side of the campus. The free event provided dinner from BC Food Services. New students were given the opportunity to take a golf cart tour around campus.

At 7:13 p.m. is when the inaugural part of the event started. The significance behind 7:13 p.m. is that in military time it is 19:13, and BC was founded in the year 1913.

At this time, BCSGA President Clayton Fowler, Dean of Precollegiate and Student Success Janet Fulks, Academic Senate President Steven Holmes, and BC President Sonya Christian all spoke to the new students and parents.

“My single message to students is just say yes when you are invited, and you are going to get a lot of invitations here at Bakersfield College,” said Christian.

A full story on the event will be published on The Renegade Rip’s newspaper that publishes on Sept. 10.