ICC meeting expected more reps

AK Pachla, Copy Editor

The way Bakersfield College student organizations maintain student government recognition and how they are allowed to raise and claim funds through and for their clubs is changing as a result of changes to Title V of the California Code of Regulations pertaining to the fiscal operations and official recognition of student clubs and organizations at California community colleges.

Indeed, attendance at the Inter Club Council meetings, which are held regularly twice a month in the SGA Boardroom, is an area of concern.

There are nearly 50 recognized student organizations at BC, each of which has a designated ICC representative, whose responsibility it is to attend SGA meetings and keep the club up to date on information and involved in campus activities.

At the meeting where these policy changes were introduced, 45 representatives were expected and 12 showed up.

SGA Director of Finance Epifania Mendoza addressed the assembled senators and club representatives explaining that the rules for club finances have been changed at the state level, affecting things from how attendance needs to be recorded by each individual club, all the way up to how the Internal Revenue Service counts the cash in BC bank accounts reserved for student organizations.

Mendoza also informed the attendees of an upcoming full-information seminar regarding the changes to student organization policy. The seminar is tentatively scheduled for 2 p.m. on April 12 and is currently set to take place in the SGA executive boardroom.

All club representatives are strongly urged to attend this seminar, and any students who are interested in finding out about the changes are invited and welcome to attend.

The Rip will publish any updates to the time and location of the seminar, if and as they become available, online at www .TheRip.com.

Anyone who would like more information about the new rules all BC clubs will be following in order to maintain their SGA standing and fundraising privileges is invited to contact the SGADirector of Student Organizations, Chad Hidalgo, by email at [email protected].