Tutoring Center open for summerpeople

Marcus Castro, Contributing Editor

The Tutoring Center at Bakersfield College will be open in the summer for students who are in need tutoring.

The center will be open from June 13-Aug. 5. It will be open Monday to Thursday every week from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Tutor coordinator Liz Elms explained that every enrolled student may have one appointment during the week for tutoring. That is the same rule that is enforced during the regular semesters.

She said that students may also come in for drop-in tutoring. Drop-in tutoring sessions are only for math and English.

When asked how busy the tutoring center gets during the summer, Elms said, “From my experience, it has been very slow.”

With the summer term passing at a much faster rate than the regular full semesters, the tutors may have to put more information into each session.

“Many times our tutees, the students who come in and ask for help, are prepared. So they come prepared to make the best use of their time, and that’s what we recommend,” said Elms.

Elms explained that in the summer, there are around 15 tutors. During a regular semester, there are around 100 tutors.

Elms said that in the summer, there are only experienced tutors working. She explained that there is a training class that tutors must take while tutoring, and they can’t take that class during the summer. For that reason, there are only experienced tutors in the summer.

Even with the Tutoring Center’s staff largely cut for the summer, the summer term is not so rigorous.

Elms said, “It’s less intense in the summer. It’s fun to be around here in the summer. In the regular semester, it’s mostly all business.”