Health and Wellness pamphlet to inform BC


Zach Sullivan, Reporter

Bakersfield College recently revamped their Student Health and Wellness packet in an effort to better inform students of services they are entitled to receive.

The pamphlet contains a plethora of information that can benefit students in a multitude of ways. The packet covers frequently asked questions, such as: Do I have to pay to be seen? Can I get over the counter medications? Do you offer therapy?

The pamphlet also gives an overview of the services that are provided to students in the Wellness Center.

These include: first aid/care provided for injuries, tuberculosis skin tests, health education and information, health screenings, short-term psychotherapy, and much more.

Ray Purcell, director of Student Health and Wellness at Bakersfield College, said that the goal behind revising the pamphlet was to open students’ eyes to all the services they are afforded.

“Currently students coming in with half a unit or a full load of 16 units are paying a 13 dollar health fee and many of them can benefit from the services we offer.

“So the first goal of the pamphlet, in many of our media efforts so to speak, is to kind of throw out our arms and wave them and say, ‘Hey! You, over there, we are here!’ and second, give them some perspective of what we can do for them,”, Purcell said.

When asked about the response to the pamphlet Purcell said, “I don’t have good data for you, but the feedback I have gotten anecdotally from the students themselves is, ‘I didn’t even know you guys were here.’ ”

Purcell claims that while the student body may not be aware of the services offered in the Wellness Center, there is a large involvement of student organizations promoting the Health Center, which has resulted in an increase in the number of students he sees.

If you are not feeling quite right, or just need some over the counter medications, the Wellness Center is a great resource for students to have. Purcell encourages students who need medical attention on campus to come to the Wellness Center.

“Students are saying ‘gosh I’m not feeling well, but I want to stay in the classroom.’ We don’t want them being out of the classroom because it doesn’t serve their success. We’d rather have a convenient place on campus where students can get care,” Purcell said.

Anyone who would like more information is encouraged to stop by and pick up a pamphlet or speak with a representative at the Health and Wellness Center, located at Campus Center 3 across from the cafeteria.