Facility construction to finish 2017

Morgan Park, Reporter

The new Maintenance and Operations building at Bakersfield College is due to complete construction in April of 2017. The new building will house facilities at BC that have previously been scattered across campus: including Maintenance and Operations itself, the print shop, mail room and shipping/receiving.

“They’ve outgrown their facilities,” said Bill Potter, head of Maintenance and Operations at BC. “For a campus this big, we needed a yard, we needed a warehouse and a shop where we can start getting equipment and start doing stuff in-house, and own everything instead of leasing.”

The building will match the aesthetic of the rest of the campus, but will differ from most of the school’s structures in being primarily metal.

The building is one of the final projects from Measure G bond of 2002 that granted $125 million towards the betterment of BC and the other colleges in the Kern Community College District.