Audience enjoys Malcolm X play

Darius Wallace portrays Malcom X in a one-man play “Moon Over Malcolm” Feb. 16.

J.R. Hensley

Darius Wallace portrays Malcom X in a one-man play “Moon Over Malcolm” Feb. 16.

Daulton James Jones, Reporter

In honor of Black History Month, Bakersfield College hosted several events to embrace the African diaspora here in the United States. One of those was “Moon Over Malcom,” a oneman show and performance by the Bakersfield College Chamber Choir.

At the event, attendees were offered a light meal of grits, collard greens, gumbo, and rice, many of which said it was their first time trying those foods. It was a packed crowd in the indoor theater. Almost every seat was taken, and there were people standing off to the side in the aisles.

The night began with two performances by the Chamber Choir. They sang their own version of “Wading in the Water” and one other song where one of the members was playing as Harriet Tubman. The crowd gave both of these performance’s roaring applause.

Soon after the Chamber Choir’s exit from the stage the one-man show of the same name of the event “Moon over Malcom” began. Darius Wallace presented us a performance that told the story of Malcom X’s life from childhood up until the seconds of his untimely death.

Wallace transitioned from scene to scene by quick turns, spins, and by simply taking off his glasses to become another character.

The audience was overwhelmingly pleased with his performance they gave him a standing ovation. After the audience applauded him he opened the floor to anyone who had questions. One audience member asked him, “What inspired you to do this?” He replied with, “I related to Malcom, and his story. I saw part of myself in his story.”

Other students just asked simple questions like “Why do we have Black History Month?” and “Who are some other leaders in the black community?”

The audience seemed to be pleased with “Moon Over Malcom,” and they closed the show saying thank you to him for his one-man show.