Theater students perform improvisational tributes to #MeToo and TimesUp


Fatima Lopez

The theatre classes did a performance of “Praying” by Kesha.

Diana Coronado, Reporter

Bakersfield College Department of Performing Arts and Professor Kimberly Chin came together on Wednesday, March 14 for a pop-up performance called “A Tribute to the #Metoo/TimesUp Movement and a Celebration of Women.”

Chin’s Theater B2A and B2B classes performed improvisational tributes to celebrate the women in their lives and those around them.

Even though it began to rain in the Campus Center main stage, that didn’t stop them from performing. The students began by asking the audience to think about women who have survived domestic violence, single moms, and many other representations of strong women figures and give it up for them.

Followed by the performers placing a flower in a vase, that represented a woman in their lives, they expressed how important each person was to them and the crowd cheered very loud in respect to each individual.

One of the many songs they performed was “Praying” by Kesha. They went on to describe how the song showed them strength in numbers, courage, and hope for a better future.

Fatima Lopez
The theatre students perform tributes in celebration of women’s month and for the #MeToo movement.

Shortly after, the students began to walk around the stage, pausing for a few seconds as each shouted out encouraging words such as, “strong”, “sexy”, “brave”, beautiful, and “courageous survivors.”

Readings of speeches from the recent women’s march, and public speeches. These touched base on issues including sexual harassment, standing up for women’s rights, and discrimination.

“Very happy women are being honored it’s important to remember that without them, we wouldn’t be here literally,” said BC student Guisselle Galaz.

Performers recited empowering words spoken by popular artists.

“Have to be unique and kind in your own way,” Lady Gaga.