BC students will graduate at the 104th ceremony

Issy Barrientos, Reporter

On May 11, Bakersfield College will hold its commencement ceremony to recognize the students who completed the coursework necessary to earn a degree and a trip across the stage.

This commencement ceremony will be the 104 graduation that BC has administrated. It will also feature the first graduation class of the bachelor’s degree program in Industrial automation.

To help graduating students, the book store held a “Grad Fair” on April 17 and 18. At this fair student could buy cap and gowns as well as have their picture taken. The line to purchase the items was not very long as the cashiers moved customers at a seemingly fast pace. Free food was provided at the fair near the bookshelves.

BC President Sonya Christian will speak at the ceremony.

One of the students that is graduating is Francis Hernandez. She was an on/off student but has been full time for the last two years. Hernandez’s major is radiology. Her plans are to pass the boards so she could get her license to be able to work in the state. Hernandez would like to work in any clinic site in Bakersfield.

Daniela Chavez is a two-year student whose major is political science and plans to go to California State University Bakersfield (CSUB).

One psychology major that is graduating is Sara Meina. She said she enjoyed her time at BC quite well. She like Hernandez has been attending school intermittently for three to four years. She knew that she always wanted to be a psychology major. Her plans are to go to CSUB.

Jorge Gutierrez is a four-year student whose major is criminal justice. He plans to work during the summer and then go to CSUB. He said that he had some good times even though his time on campus was long and at times boring. Gutierrez commuted between the main campus and the Delano campus.