Future of BC Parking

Rosa Salazar, Reporter

Bakersfield College’s parking lot renovations will be completed by the end of October of this year, according to Tamara Baker, the community relations of faculties, maintenance and operations.

“We have finished three of the four phases or renovation; the very last phase is going to be P8 which is the student parking lot on University next to the football fields. That will close September 4th along with two other staff parking lots and that’ll be closed till the end of October, and once that is completed we will have all new parking lots and we will be finished with that project,” she said.

Parking lot P8 located on University Ave will be closed from 9/04/18 through 10/28/18 all day.

Parking lot 16 which is located behind the baseball fields near Haley Street and University Ave will be free for the 2018-2019 academic school year.

BC student Kayla Sanchez parks by the solar panels.

“It’s honestly a struggle,” she said, “i just feel like there’s not enough parking.”

Sanchez suggested paying for priority parking and adding more parking spaces for people.

“Sucks you pay for a parking [pass] and not find any parking and still be late,” she said.

BC student Chris Brantley has not had any problems parking on campus. Furthermore, Brantley he doesn’t mind paying for a parking pass.

“I don’t have a problem paying for the permit as long as the money that’s being used is used for like upkeeping of the lot, making sure you know there’s obviously people out there to make sure our cars are safe you know make sure that it’s nicely paved you know no potholes and to keep it clean, you know what I mean,” he said.

Brantley commented about the free parking lot.

“If you’re paying for it, then let’s have some good parking lots; safe parking lots,” he said.

BC student Stephanie Magallon has talked about her experience parking on campus. She describes her experience as “stressful because there’s too many cars…not enough parking. Magallon thinks there should be more free parking and thinks a first come first serve option is a good idea.

“I think it should be free because well some students that have parking passes can’t find parking space. That or first come first serve,” she said.

Kern County residents voted to pass Measure J, a $504 million bond to renovate the Bakersfield College campus in November 2016. The money has been used for parking lot renovations as well as building construction.

“We’re working on right now the Veterans Resource center and the campus center which will also be known as the abc building,” Baker said. “We’re also in the beginning stages for the gym of athletics facility as it will be referred to and we also are in the middle of putting together the science and engineering program,” Baker said.

Baker offered some advice for students parking of campus.

“I think looking ahead at your schedule. I think it’s always a good idea to get to campus, probably leave your home at least an hour early that way you’ll know you have plenty of time to find parking and walk to your classes,” Baker said.