William M. Thomas Planetarium hosted “Incoming!” show

Hilario Ismael Gomez, Reporter

“Incoming!” the show premiered on, Feb 28, at the William M. Thomas Planetarium. The show began with a tour of the sky using the tools of the planetarium such as the Goto Chronos Star Projector.
The planetarium educator Nick Strobel used the Chronos night sky simulations and combined it with state-of-the-art full-dome video technology to create a totally encapsulating experience.
Following that the main event “Incoming!”, the 25-minute all-dome presentation from the California Academy of Sciences using a Spitz SciDome projector commenced.
Through the show, Narrator George Takei depicted how millions of years of asteroids and comets colliding with our planet has shaped the world we know today as well as affected the course of life itself.
“Incoming!” explored every phase of the life of our solar system from past to future with the help of Takei.
Takei continues by illustrating how the landmark discoveries scientists have made throughout human history by exploring space.
Giving in-depth explanations of how the growth of interstellar travel has brought new data and information from tiny worlds millions of miles away.
These top of the line scientific models bring real-time discoveries from ongoing NASA missions to life through a wild ride that can be experienced by the whole family.
“It was a really stunning show, I never really knew things like this were here in Bakersfield and it was really a nice surprise to go to something like this,” said second semester BC student Bryan Cruz said.