BC holds transfer day for students


Tiarra McCormick

Bakersfield College students speaking with representatives from various universities including CSUB at the huddle on Sep.9.

Tiarra McCormick, Reporter

Students who attend Bakersfield College wait for the day when they can move on to a four-year institution. Bakersfield College held its annual Fall Transfer Day in the Huddle for students on Sept. 9.

This event hosted more than 60 colleges and universities, which gives students the opportunity to plan and get information on future schools they plan to attend. The students are offered resources on how to apply, scholarships, and get a face-to-face representative from the schools of their choice.

BC has an agreement with numerous Universities of California, The California State University, and other universities that guarantee admission with in-state tuition prices as long as the student meets all the requirements to transfer. Some universities were giving out pens, booklets, and candy to entice BC students to come up to their table and hear them speak.

Each of the representatives from the array of schools all pitched their school to the students, explaining why their school is amazing with information like the location, entertainment, and school amenities to create a picture for prospective students.

When students enroll in BC, they develop an education plan with a counselor.  They are given requirements based on their major to obtain either an associate’s degree to transfer or a certification. For example, the student can receive certification for a certain number of units to CSUB and an associate’s to transfer, which requires more units to be acquired to earn a degree.

Applying to schools can be a challenge for students to have a variety of schools at their disposal to choose from is like going to a buffet with many options. There are two approaches to the scene: take it on starting with your favorite’s then move to the unknown, or only go for what you know and like.

There are online resources that will send students to a common application. This gives students the opportunity to fill out one application for the universities available and lets students avoid the hassle of filling out many applications, paying application fees, and eliminating the time-consuming effort it takes applying to schools.

Transfer Day helps the universities to recruit students from diverse backgrounds with different experiences for their school, and students benefit by becoming aware of the possibilities of attending school anywhere in the country.