BC holds fifth annual health career expo


Jocelyn Sandusky

Hospitals in Kern County have attributed their interest in hiring Bakersfield College students to the Healthcare Fair.

Jocelyn Sandusky, Reporter

The office of student employment held their fifth annual health career expo on Oct. 9 in the Huddle.

The event featured various booths from Bakersfield College departments, organizations, and companies looking to inform and employ students.

The nursing department hosted potential nursing students and gave them essential information about joining the program. A representative for the department said many students who are almost finished with their prerequisites came by the booth to learn more about the program, the required classes, and the application process.

The event, however, was not exclusively focused on the nursing pathway. The event catered to all students in the Health Science Pathway looking for information from employers and the opportunity to network.

Stephanie Baltazar, the program manager for the job development department, said the healthcare fair was meant to be an opportunity for students to explore employers within their desired field, inquire about job expectations and duties, and get their foot in the door by networking. This event offers students the opportunity to lock in a job offer or an internship.

According to Baltazar, instead of doing a big career day for all areas and majors at Bakersfield College, an individualized day devoted to a certain area is less distracting and lets students hone in on particular opportunities.

Hospitals in Kern County were among the booths at the event. Bakersfield College has a partnership with all of the hospitals and every student in every graduating class gets a job offer at least one hospital.

“We have had a lot of success with employers letting us know they hired our students from meeting them at the event,” Baltazar said.

Pam Thompson, a representative for Adventist Health, said students do not need to earn their bachelor’s to obtain a job after graduation. Adventist Health hires graduates from Bakersfield College who obtain their associate’s degree twice a year. She spoke to a wide variety of students but missed out on talking to the nursing students due to a time conflict.

Kimberlyn Stillwell, the principal human resources analyst for Kern County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, said she was there to meet students from across the health sciences spectrum. She provided students with informational pamphlets and information about the wellness programs they provide. She wanted to connect with students to examine their experience and preparedness for the workforce.

Mo Lester, a health science major hoping to get into radiology, stumbled across the event while walking around campus. He did not know about the event ahead of time and got there just as the event was wrapping up.

“I’m here to get information. I don’t know who’s here or what they’re offering, but I’m just going to walk around and see what it’s about,” Lester said.