Dr. Tommy Tunson brings new course to BC

The front cover of Dr. Tunsons C.O.P. The Color of Power: Odyssey of a Black Cop.

The front cover of Dr. Tunson’s C.O.P. The Color of Power: Odyssey of a Black Cop.

Raul Padilla, Reporter

The Levan Center Humanities kicked off its first event of the year by introducing Dr. Tommy Tunson. A retired police chief and professor in criminal justice, he aims to enrich the community with a new course under his instruction. The event took place on Sept. 9 via Zoom webinar.

Tunson had worked for 33 years as a black police officer. His experience had let him be a front-line witness to events that lead to him wanting to create a new educational class for people across the nation.

He presents a new class for BC, TPM (Transformational Policing Model) where students will analyze the historical impact of racial injustice across the country. Additionally, they will undergo training to assist police and community members in forming positive, productive partnerships. “It provides awareness into the sensitive issue of racism which has been in our country from the beginning.” Tunson added. 

The class will be “two-pronged.” First is C4, (Collaborate Community Cultural Coaching) focusing on training of law enforcement and community attendees together in the same classroom. Emphasis is placed on understanding the historical origins of mistrust in the country. Second is CCJE (Community Criminal Justice Education) the role of police and community members working together.

The class had originally started as a two-day course in Sacramento, and as the course succeeded and gained more traction it was able to transition to a full BC class. It will be offered as either a three week or full semester course. “This course is put together to make sure that we come together as one.”

To pair with the new class, Tunson introduced the book that will go with the course, “C.O.P. The Color of Power: Odyssey of a Black Cop.” The book offers insight on many of the topics that will be covered during the course. 

Dr. Tommy Tunson during his years as police chief.

Regardless of whether you take the class or not, Tunson recommends the story to “anyone who cares about the future of this country.”