The current state of BC with interim President Zav Dadabhoy

Collin Acevedo, Reporter

Zav Dadabhoy, interim President of Bakersfield College, has a new title but he’s not new in town.

Dadahboy has been with BC for nearly a decade, being behind numerous enrollment initiatives, and has had a direct impact on 63% of all disbursements of financial aid (that’s $50 million out of $80 million.) With this new promotion, he catches the spotlight once more for his unrelenting actions to better assist the BC students.

“Our faculty and staff are the best I have ever worked with,” Dadahboy shared ”They truly believe in student success, and care for every individual student. I have rarely seen that level of passion, care, and commitment to support students in their educational journeys.”

Dadabhoy’s effort towards the campus and all of its students, revealed itself gradually. Dadabhoy then discussed his thoughts on the changing reputation of BC.

“Bakersfield College is quickly developing the reputation of being one of the most successful community colleges in the state of California, and the nation.  The story of our college cannot be narrated without the chronicles of the last decade that have magically transformed this fantastic college to a Camelot,” He continued saying, “As usual we are the trendsetters. And as usual, we relentlessly focus on overcoming every obstacle usual or unusual that stands in the way. We could write case studies about this college, with 40,000 students and over 1,000 employees, and I am excited every single day as we innovate, challenge and support the college community to continue to excel.”

Taking what he has with pride, he moved things along to what truly matters to him, the students.

“BC is a place that values and supports you, your interests, and your goals. This is a campus that invigorates students and transforms lives. I encourage you to be active, to connect, to engage, and succeed,” Dadabhoy finished with, “We are all focused on your success, and safety. Be assured that whether it is in person classes, or online, Bakersfield College has plenty of options to help you in your academic and personal journey.”