Speaker tells BC community keep trying to achieve goals

Blake Burton, Reporter

Bakersfield hosted speaker Mark Rabbitt on Nov. 15 in the Renegade Ballroom. He spoke at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and in during his afternoon talk, he discussed finding motivation in the things you do.

Rabbitt is a motivational speaker, trainer and ambassador of positive leadership. He is a highly accomplished consultant, with an outstanding record of leadership performance in the United States Marine Corps and the department of research.

man in suit stands on stage wearing suit with his arms partially raise (bent at elbow) as he speaks to audience
Mark Rabbitt speaks in the the Renegade Ballroom on Nov. 15. (Blake Burton)

He talked about being your best self, and how either you do it or you do not. He shared many stories about how he had different leaders and mentors who helped him become a better person and how it is important to find someone that can support you.

In his speech he said that if you want something go and take the actions necessary to achieve it. He said that you can’t change other people, but you can control yourself and what you do. He also said to rinse and repeat and not to give up, keep on going and trying things until you are good at them.

He concluded with the idea that to be the leader you wish you had,  it is up to you to go out and create your story.