HBCUs visit Bakersfield College

Blake Burton, Editor

Bakersfield College held the HBCU Caravan on Jan. 30 with 29 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Panorama Campus ballroom. The room was filled to the max with students wishing to be accepted into their favorite HBCU.

Universities in attendance included Florida Memorial University, Benedict College and Central State University, just to name a few. A lot of the colleges were giving out scholarships and even giving out full rides.

The different groups of students who were there expressed their ecstatic reactions to being accepted into their future colleges and most of them being able to get scholarships and the different resources they had to offer.

Students getting accepted into HBCUs on Jan 30 (Blake Burton)

Recruiters from different universities and colleges explained that they were there to inform students about opportunities at their schools, and some even incentives of going to their college or university.

BC student Alexis Brown explained that It was a great experience and that she got accepted on the spot at three different HBCUs: Talladega College, Florida Memorial, and Harris-State-Stone University. She also said that it was a great opportunity that both high school and college students can benefit from.

Another student, Aaron Beal, said that he was very excited about how many HBCUs there were at BC. He was also accepted into some HBCUs at the event as well.

Hortense Taylor shared that it was an “amazing experience seeing all the HBCUs here at Bakersfield College” and that there were so many opportunities for students