Step Afrika Bedazzled BC crowds with Hype Dance Performance

 AJ Manalili, Reporter

Step Afrika, living up to its reputation as world class performers, wowed the crowd with dazzling wide arrays of choreography, dance steps, songs, and humors. People who graced the occasion were treated with fun and entertainment.

Black History was launched by the Umoja Community at BC marking the celebration of a vibrant history, culture, and customs of African Americans. The student-run group was established to give Black College students an accepting community to advance knowledge and appreciation of Black experience.

These great dancers stole the show with wits and impeccable taste of dancing. (AJ Manalili)

Paula L. Parks, Ph.D., Professor of English department in BC said the program was designed to elevate culture and increase success and graduation rates. Umoja ASTEP (Umoja Community African American Success Through Excellence and Persistence), encourages Black students to excel and feel the sense of community by giving them a forum for thoughts and ideas. 

Nepri James, one of the seasoned dancers, brought the house down moving with such poetry in motion. Preparing for this event took three weeks of rigid practices, she said. Step Afrika combination of complicated steps and choreo backed with wits and humor gave the sold-out venue an unforgettable night of experience. 

Members of different sororities and fraternities were honored such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Among the highlights of the performance were the audience participation who were having the fun of their life. The message was clear, to remind the sacrifices of Black people  generally. To raise social awareness and push the change such ideologies, aiming to promote unity and partnerships among communities. 

The Black History Month by Umoja Community serves as a poignant reminder of values and heritage thus to enrich understanding of the accomplishments and achievements of African American throughout history. 

Step Afrika promotes educational tools for young minds, focusing on teamwork, gifted talents, academic excellence, and cross-cultural understanding. The company reached great heights traveling globally, reaching, and touching hearts and leaving a cherished memory for everybody. 

The group had tucked numerous awards for its Outstanding Contribution to Arts Education, Innovation and Excellence in Artistic Discipline. 

Step Afrika serves as an inspiration and eye opener for younger generations who wish to follow their dreams and make a huge impact on the field of entertainment.