Speaker Zagarri discusses women’s involvement in the Revolutionary War

Samantha Britt, Reporter

Women’s Rights are a vital part of American History because of the discrimination and inequality American women fought against to gain the rights women have today.
Rosemarie Zagarri spoke at BC on March 2 at 7:00 p.m. at the college’s new building, Zagarri spoke about the importance and the fight women had throughout the years to gain those rights. She addressed the American revolution and the sentiments of an American woman.

She refers back to these important events in history because of the major effort American women made to help the soldiers and help them during the war as well. “ If it wasn’t for what women did during the war men wouldn’t have been able to fight that war” Zagarri states. Women were being celebrated because they were contributors to the American Revolution and it made them feel empowered and it motivated them to be more involved in American politics.

Rosemarie Zagarri talking about one of the most important women in America History Phillis Wheatley (Samantha Britt)

The American war helped women realize how important it was for them to have the same rights as men. along with fighting for their rights, women fought against those who disagreed with women voting and were saying things that they weren’t smart enough and that it was a manly thing to be a part of politics. She highlighted the importance of equality and how women fought for equality by mentioning important women activists, these women had published political writings and tall women’s education. Phillis Wheatley is one of the women she mentions, she was the first African-American poet.

Rosemarie Zagarri spoke about how hard women fought to gain the right to vote they weren’t allowed to own property because they couldn’t vote, But she explains how New Jersey broke the law and women in New Jersey were able to vote and it was one of the first states that women were able to vote in. Even when women who were widowed were able to own a property they were still not able to vote and universal suffrage deliberately dis included women and African American people.
Zagarri ends her speech by saying “it tells us progress doesn’t occur in a straight line” men and women should share and enjoy equality. Rise up and give women their full rights as citizens, at the time Women were supposed to be at home with men in politics so during this time it was a very controversial thing and women still fought against it because of their efforts and compassion for women to have the same rights as men are the reason why women are able to be who they are today.