Midsummer Slump



Paige Atkison, Reporter

Summer is upon us! If you’re anything like me, your gut instinct is to spend the weeks of your summer lounging around in pajamas and binging on potato chips and Netflix. However, after a few weeks of nothing but movie marathons you start to feel unproductive. Instead of falling into the midsummer slump, I try to have one repeating productive activity for the summer. My five suggestions for a summer activity are: reading, interning, volunteering, tutoring, or spending time with your family.

The favorite productive summer activity is reading. Since I’m a regular reader, I tend to buy books year-round. I rarely have time to read for pleasure during the semester, so I set the books I want to read aside for the summer. By the time finals rolls around my pile of books is usually two feet high. While reading may sound like a boring way to spend your summer, I can guarantee you it is not. Outside of school you’re no longer limited to textbooks and literature you don’t understand; instead you can read what really interests you. For example, my favorite books to read are about early Islamic mysticism. Whether your favorite books are short thrillers or nonfiction anthologies, it just has to be entertaining to you. Reading things you enjoy is a great way to relax while keeping your mind active and your writing skills sharp.

If reading is too solitary for you, consider interning at a local business or organization. Internships can conflict with your school schedule, so the perfect time to apply for one is over summer break. This activity is especially suited for people who like to keep busy and socialize over the summer. If you’re looking for ways to get involved in an internship program, Bakersfield College offers internships with certain organizations.

If you’re looking to try something entirely unrelated to academia, consider volunteering at a local outreach organization such as the Bakersfield Homeless Center. I volunteered at a local hospital throughout my high school career and loved the experience. It provided an opportunity for me to learn valuable work skills that benefitted me later in life. Additionally, volunteering can provide you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Spending time helping people who are less fortunate than you can help give your life perspective.

If you’re looking to make money this summer, tutoring may be the activity for you. Tutoring provides an opportunity for you to brush up on your reading and writing while making money. It provides frequent socialization, like interning, but has the benefits of contributing to your income. Additionally, tutoring provides you the same sense of satisfaction that can be found through volunteering. Helping others learn challenging subjects can give you a deeper appreciation of your education. Find which subjects you’re strongest in and let that be the focus of your tutoring. If you’re gifted in writing and reading comprehension, tutor high school students struggling to write essays. If you’re athletic, volunteer to coach a local children’s sports team. The subject I tend to offer tutoring in the most often is English grammar. If you’re interested in tutoring, apply for a position in the tutoring center at Bakersfield College.

One of the most important goal to accomplish this summer is spending time with your loved ones. Whether your loved ones are family or close friends, spending quality time with them can make your summer worthwhile. Hanging out with friends is cost-effective and a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Most importantly, take the time to enjoy your summer. Do what makes you feel most rested and prepared for the next semester.