These stars of mine

Taylor Jensen, Reporter

All fans have their favorite wrestler that they look up to or just enjoy watching. The typical favorites among fans are usually John Cena, Roman Reigns, or Randy Orton. However, I’m not one of those fans because I am proud to say that Triple H is my all-time favorite.

People always ask me why he is my favorite like it’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever heard. It is a known fact that he is not a favorite among the WWE universe because he doesn’t “put talent over”, he has a “huge ego,” and that he is “overrated.” 

Let’s take a look back at his impressive 20-plus year career.

It was 1995 when “The Connecticut Blueblood” Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H) made his presence known in the WWE as a snobby rich character. He held a winning streak over jobbers until 1996 when the “curtain call” happened in the Madison Square Garden. 

For a quick overview of this incident, the good guys, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels, and the bad guys, Triple H and Kevin Nash hugged it out in the middle of the ring after one of their matches. This moment broke “kayfabe” and Triple H was the one that took the blame for exposing the business. 

As a punishment, he was then being defeated by superstars left and right and lost PPV privileges such as winning the King of the Ring in 1996. Steve Austin took his place to win the tournament.  

However, in 1997, his career picked up again when he brought a female bodyguard for him to the WWE, Chyna. She had such a unique physique that fans would stare in awe of her. 

She was this 200-pound muscular specimen that “kicked guys in the [nads]” to help Triple H get a win at times. 

In the same year, the two became part of D-Generation X with Shawn Michaels. The faction became popular among fans with their jokes, unprofessional tactics, and sexual innuendos. 

Since Triple H’s first WWE Championship title win in 1999, he went on to win 13 more to become a 14-time champion. He is among the top three superstars who have the most title wins in history along with Ric Flair (16-time) and John Cena (16-time). 

He created his own faction “Evolution” which consisted of superstars named Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton. This faction has been named the best faction of all time by fans and there’s no doubt about it. 

The four superstars had such great chemistry. Triple H was the brains, Flair was the ladies man, Batista was the muscle, and Orton was the gifted one. 

Even though this faction put Batista and Orton on the map, it boosted Triple H’s career even more. 

Triple H has been the WWE Chief Operating Officer since 2012 and has since worked day in and day out for this company. 

He still wrestles part-time, mainly at WrestleMania’s and, in my observations, to put younger talent over. 

People can say all the negative things they want about the man but they can’t deny the fact that he works harder than everyone else and has since he started back in 1995. 

When he tore his quad in a match in 2001, he fought through the searing pain in his leg to finish the match. He also did the same for when his throat got crushed in a match in 2002. Recently, he tore his pectoral muscle and wrestled for nearly 20 minutes afterwards. 

He has the passion for the business like I do which is the reason why I admire him so much. His hard work, dedication, and sacrifice resonates with my own life so I’m more than proud to call him my role model.