“Luigi’s Mansion,” a unique remake for Nintendo

Ruben Lira, Reporter

When the Nintendo GameCube came out in early 2000, there were so many games to play and choose from. “Luigi’s Mansion” gave the Mario brother his own game. It was a very unique game that was not like most Mario games released.

Nintendo had recently released the same game for the newer console the Nintendo 3DS. The game, although still the same, has slight changes since its initial release.

“Luigi’s Mansion” tells a story that involves Luigi (the lesser known brother) who won a mansion in a contest he never entered. Upon entering the mansion which he finds it is haunted by ghosts. He meets a new character named Professor E. Gadd who helps Luigi take down ghosts. Luigi is then tasked to capture every ghost in the mansion, as well as find his brother Mario who made it to the mansion first and has been missing.

Luigi is given a vacuum that is designated to capture ghosts as well as a flashlight to stop ghosts in their tracks. It has a “Ghostbusters” vibe to the gameplay, which some players have compared the game to the film.

As Luigi walks around the mansion there are various puzzles to be solved to help Luigi in his quest for his missing brother. When Luigi captures ghosts he takes what he’s captured to the professor who turns the ghosts into portraits. The portraits end up in a gallery that allows the player to look at the ghosts he’s captured like an art gallery.

Luigi may also use elements in the game including fire, ice, and water. Luigi may use the blow portion on his vacuum to freeze or burn ghosts. The water element will stop fires as well as make plants grow. Each element has its own effect and can help Luigi solve puzzles and defeat ghosts.

As Luigi captures ghosts and solves puzzles he may collect gold, coins, money, and jewels.

When the game was re-released on 3DS there have been slight changes to the game including graphics changes, as well as newer features not available before. The game which was made by the company “Grezzo” a company responsible for the 3D remakes or The Legend of Zelda titles “Ocarina of Time” and “Majora’s Mask” respectively. The team had rebuilt the game from the start rather than create a port so the game can be viewed in 3D.

New features that were added include multiplayer which never was an option on the original version. Should another player join the game then they play a character called “Gooigi” a character who looks like Luigi, but is all green and looks like goo. They are allowed to help the main player take on ghosts or search for treasure. The player may also collect gold bones which is a concept from the game’s sequel “Dark Side of the Moon” which allows the player to be revived should they lose all health.

When the game is over Luigi is ranked from S to H based on how much money was collected. The more money he has the bigger his new house will be. Should the player reach an S rank then Luigi receives a two-story mansion. Receiving the lowest rank and Luigi is rewarded a tent.

The remake of this game is perfect for anyone who has ever played the original or wants a new game to try.