Keeping your tat and piercing clean and safe



Hope ShyAnne, Reporter

Tattoos and piercings look cool, but they come with a heavier price tag if not treated with proper care.

For example, infections, STDS, scarring and ruining your tattoos appearance are all possible factors.

Don’t worry though, I’ve put together the correct ways to take care of your body modifications.

For tattoos, healing and prevention begins as soon as you walk into your tattoo shop.

You want to make sure that the shop you chose doesn’t look dirty and is clean.

If you find a shop that has needles lying around or trash on the floor, run!

A clean, licensed shop is the right shop.

After you get your awesome tattoo, your tattoo artist, who should be wearing non-powder gloves,  should put a thin layer of petroleum jelly or Aquaphor on it and either wrap it with a bandage or plastic wrap (usually depending on how big your tattoo is and if it has color ink).

The wrapping can stay on for three days, depending on what your tattoo artist recommends.

The reason for the wrapping is to stop bacteria from entering it and not let the tattoo get irritated from clothing.

Once the wrapping comes off you might notice fluid and yup, its blood, plasma and extra ink.

It’s normal though.  Just wash it off with cold water and a non-scented soap.

Usually, about five days after getting a tattoo you will start to scab up, as with any cut on your skin, but do not scratch it or pick the scabs off.

This will prevent scarring and keep your tattoo looking fresh.

Do not go out into the sun or into pools for at least two weeks after getting your new tattoo.

Use a thin layer of Aquaphor, which is my personal recommendation, or a fragrance-free lotion.

After three weeks, you should be all healed up and wearing sunblock on your tattoo to keep it looking like new longer.

As for piercings, you should always get them performed at a clean, licensed tattoo shop (they almost always have one person who specifically does piercings).

This is because getting pierced by a gun at your local mall is full of germs and causes unnecessary damage to your skin tissue.

Your local Claire’s won’t look good under a blacklight, so avoid shops that use a piercing gun.

You want to keep yourself hydrated before and after you get your piercing.

Also try having a snack before getting it in case you’re squeamish.

Remember to always wash your hands before handling your piercing and wash your piercing with unscented soap and a saline solution.

Not alcohol because that will dry your skin out.

Depending on your piercing, your healing process can take up to six months to even a year if you’re a little on the braver side with getting pierced.

Some word of advice: listen to your tattoo or piercing artist, not to your friends.

If you get worried about any infections or have any questions about your procedure contact the professional who did your tattoo or piercing.