Who pays for my food?

Rosa Salazar, Copy Editor

Women and especially men have certain expectations to fill when it comes to dating.

For example, as a man, you are expected to make the first move a.k.a. asking the girl out and planning the date whether it be to a restaurant or the movies or any other cliché activity.

Let me tell you when you are courting a woman it is very attractive to show some type of effort and planning. Just don’t go overboard, or you will set yourself up for failure.

Men are expected to open doors for women. Some might think the act of opening doors is not much, but it shows signs of being a gentleman. Although opening doors is not necessary, it is greatly appreciated and shows that chivalry is not dead.

Imagine you are on a first date at Denny’s, because why not? You show up a little early, but that’s ok. Your date is a little chatty but not enough to make you slam your head against the pancakes you ordered.

Up until now, your imaginary date has gone pretty fine. Interests are known, and you have decided a second date is on the horizon.

After like an hour or so, you both have finished your meals and have agreed to end the date.

Before leaving said date, the waiter brings up the bill. He sets it in the middle of the table and says, ” thank you for coming.”

You look at the bill then at your date, then back to the bill and you wonder who will pay? DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! (dramatic sound effect).

There are many ways one could go about this. One option is paying dutch.

Paying dutch is each person pays for their own expenses.

How are you going to expect your date to pay for their own stuff when you invited them plus it wasn’t discussed beforehand. The only pro of paying dutch is when you’re out with friends.

Another option can be alternating who pays. Let’s say you pay for the date this time, then your date pays next time. This is a good method couples could use.

There are also creative ways of paying. One of these ways is to flip a coin. You would think it’s a good method until you realize the chance of you paying is 50/50 and you could be paying for most dates. Same goes with the credit card roulette. It’s when a server or whoever’s job to charge picks a credit card randomly to pay.

The best method one has come up with is from a Facebook comment believe it or not. Taylor Wheeler, a commentator, explained her opinion in a comment ages ago.

“I believe the person who should pay, is the person who OFFERED to invite him/her out on a date.”

Ok! This makes perfect sense. Wheeler continues.

“Regardless of gender, I believe it’s common respect to pay for the date if you are the one who initiated the idea and invited that person to go on a date with you.”

Wheeler includes all genders when she states ‘regardless of gender,” plus, if you came up with the idea and plan to pay, you know your budget and can plan accordingly.

The last point Wheeler includes is the avoidance of some possible outcomes.

“Entitlement and assumptions on who’s paying will create miscommunications- awkwardness and possibly an argument.”

Just keep in mind if someone’s paying for your food or whatever, have some decency to not take advantage of your date, as revenge could be bitter, or in this case, expensive.