Veganism FAQ

Haley Duval, Senior Photo Editor

Most vegans are probably used to the common questions they get once they tell someone new about their diets. I am certainly used to it. Whenever I go out to eat with a group of friends and meeting new people, I’m always introduced as “the vegan” if I have not already stated that I am. After finding out that I am vegan, I usually get asked tons of questions, but never really ever fully answer. My mind goes blank because although I get asked these questions quite often, I never thought about it because being vegan is just my everyday norm. These are some of them.

Why do people choose to be vegan?

Numerous paths can lead a person to go vegan, and it depends on their own experience. Everyone has their personal preference. Religious or cultural beliefs and health issues are some common reasons. Most vegans choose their diet because of the concern over animals or the environment.

I chose to be vegan for two main reasons. One reason is that the thought of eating sometimes that was once a living creature made me feel gross and the second reason was for the animals. I felt guilty.

Where do vegans get their protein?

A lot of non-vegans assume that meat is the only way a person can get their source of protein. Therefore, becomes an excuse for some people to not try to go vegan. There are a variety of high protein choices that can be included in the vegan diet. Like beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, hemp seeds, and the list goes on.

Do vegans miss meat?

It’s safe to say that usually, most don’t. However its common and normal to crave dairy and meat during the early transition of the diet. Most vegans likely went through his phase.

The first month of cutting out meat for me was one of the hardest things I ever did. It didn’t make it easier than it was during thanksgiving. I wanted to eat turkey so much that day, but of course, I didn’t.

What will happen if a vegan accidentally ate meat?

Unless a vegan is allergic to meat or beef intolerance, nothing serious will happen. They might feel disgusted or have a stomachache. 

A few times I accidentally ate meat I spit it out and just yell gross-out loud to myself. Then I move on and got over it. Accidents happen.

What do vegans eat every day?

This is the most asked question I get since I stopped eating meat. Not all vegans have the same preference for food.

If vegans hate meat so much. Then why do they eat fake food made to taste like it?

The answer is simple. A lot of vegans including myself, grew up eating meat. Vegan meat alternatives allow people to enjoy the meals they once enjoyed post-vegan. Also, not everyone goes vegan because they don’t like the taste of meat. Switching to vegan versions of chicken, burgers, and more can be enjoyable to taste the favor without supporting animal agriculture.

Do vegans mind if people eat meat in front of them?

That depends on the individual. If a vegan cannot stand to be around meat they’ll most likey say it without being ask if in the situation. Vegans have tolerance. 

Speaking for myself, I do not care what people eat in front of me. I don’t ask non-vegans if I can eat this planet-based in front of them.