The Top Quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL Season Ranked


Tyler Frost

Tyler Frost, Reporter

Number 1: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

The Seattle Seahawks have never had a losing record with Russell Wilson under center. Wilson is one of the most unique players to ever play the Quarterback position, hoisting the ability to scramble and create plays that really aren’t there to begin with. He is winning games for his team with a lack of elite talent around him. Wilson is my league MVP thus far.

Number 2: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

Patrick Mahomes has the ability to make any throw from any angle and has a rocket launcher for an arm. He won the NFL’s MVP award in his first year as a starter last season. Mahomes is perhaps the most talented thrower the game has ever seen. Head Coach Andy Reid deserves a lot of credit for his development and early career success.

Number 3: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best Quarterbacks of our generation, and of all time. After a disappointing 2018 season, Rodgers is back with a vengeance and a new supporting cast. Though he is still not playing at the level he has in years past, Rodgers is someone that teams will not want to face when the playoffs come around.

Number 4: Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. At 42 years old, Brady is still making every throw it takes for the Patriots to win. Though there is clearly a physical drop off occurring, Brady is capable of lighting teams up when it matters most.

Number 5: Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)

Drew Brees is the all-time leader just about every statistical passing category. Despite being injured in week 2 and missing some action since Brees will return and make the Saints a dangerous team in the NFC.

Number 6: Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles)

Carson Wentz is a rising star at the Quarterback position. He has no real holes in his game and elevates his play under duress. The only true concern with Wentz is his durability. He will look to erase the injury-prone label and win his first career playoff game this season.

Number 7: Deshaun Watson (Houston Texans)

Deshaun Watson’s athleticism, deep passing ability, and his top target Deandre Hopkins make the Texans a threat to score on any given play. Watson is one of the best young QBs but will need to keep himself out of harm’s way and limit the risky plays.

Number 8: Phillip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers)

Another year, same old Chargers. Phillip Rivers is a Hall of Fame-caliber QB but has been very inconsistent throughout his career. The Chargers have plenty of weapons to help Rivers out, but they seem to beat themselves in those critical moments.

Number 9: Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

Once a league MVP, Matt Ryan has failed to help his Falcons recover from their blown Super Bowl lead to the Patriots. The Falcons haven’t had much success this season. Matt Ryan is one of the best passers in the game but tends to crumble when under pressure.

Number 10: Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams)

Jared Goff just last season threw for over 4,600 yards and 32 touchdowns, leading the Rams to a Super Bowl berth and earning himself the largest contract in NFL history. The team is now struggling this season. Goff is good enough to win football games, but he is not in the upper tier of QBs that can win without a great supporting cast.

Number 11: Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)

You either love or hate Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s grade him on what we see and not how we feel. Dak has always exemplified the necessary intangibles and leadership qualities to be a superstar Quarterback, but at times plays a bit more like a game-manager. He is out to prove doubters wrong.

Number 12: Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions)

Matthew Stafford is one of the most underrated Quarterbacks and has kept the Lions relevant since he was drafted. Stafford has one of the strongest arms in the league but will need to improve his completion percentage to put himself in the upper echelon of passers.

Number 13: Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders)

Bakersfield Product Derek Carr was an MVP candidate in 2016. The Raiders are now coached by Jon Gruden, who wants Carr to improve his decision-making. He needs to show that he can be their franchise quarterback for the long haul.

Number 14: Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco 49ers)

Once Tom Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garoppolo has shown flashes of excellence since the 49ers traded for him. Garoppolo needs to take more shots down the field and prove he can lead a team over the course of a season into the playoffs.

Number 15: Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns)

Baker Mayfield is cocky, arrogant, yet wildly entertaining. Receiving comparisons to Brett Favre, Mayfield has the swagger and confidence to win in this league. Baker should continue to learn the X’s and O’s of football if he wants to develop into an elite Quarterback.

Number 16: Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

Let’s slow down the hype train. I feel that 16 may be too high to place Lamar Jackson so early in his career, but he is someone we must talk about based on the way he is playing this season. Jackson runs the ball better than he throws, and I don’t trust his passing ability enough to assume that he will become an upper-half Quarterback in the NFL.

The Rest of the Starters:

  1. Kirk Cousins
  2. Jacoby Brissett
  3. Sam Darnold
  4. Josh Allen
  5. Kyler Murray
  6. Kyle Allen
  7. Daniel Jones
  8. Gardner Minshew
  9. Jameis Winston
  10. Mason Rudolph
  11. Joe Flacco
  12. Andy Dalton
  13. Mitchell Trubisky
  14. Marcus Mariota
  15. Case Keenum
  16. Josh Rosen