Roles of Women in Films

Brisa Flores, Reporter

The roles of women in film have changed and evolved over time both off and on the screen. 

Surprisingly, women were able to direct and write for films since the 1920s; what is not surprising is that there were very few women having a big role during that time behind the scenes. 

Women were usually in the hair and makeup department or costume department. Today, we see more women having much bigger parts in filmmaking. Women are becoming directors, screenwriters, editors, and can contribute so much more to the industry. 

It is amazing to see how women can be a part of this industry and share their visions and stories. They can share the stories of women through a woman’s eyes instead of a man’s.

I enjoy watching a variety of films from different eras in time, and when analyzing the film and usually the characters, it is very evident when a female character is written by a man or woman.

Normally in most films that are written by a man, a female character is portrayed through the eyes of a man and how a man sees women. Women are portrayed as gorgeous but snobby, cold-hearted, objects, and are almost always overly sexualized.

Women being able to work more behind the scenes is amazing because women do not usually portray the roles of women in a film the way men do. Women who work behind the scenes of a film have the opportunity to create female characters through a woman’s view and not a man’s view.

Women can share the stories and issues that women face through a woman’s perspective; it is so important that possible triggering issues women face being told by a woman because women have experienced it and have been through it. 

The roles women portray on-screen evolved too, we see more female characters who are presented as strong, powerful, and the opposite of how a man portrays a woman. It is so refreshing to see characters like this, and when they are not typecast as such. 

Women are no longer seen as just a pretty face or love interest in most film projects anymore, they have story lines and a bigger role in movies now. 

These characters become icons in pop culture which is so important for younger girls and of course, older women to be able to look up to and see women more positively. 

We can watch films today and see the main character be a woman or even have most of the cast be mostly women. Women are also now seen in various genres of films besides romance. Women now portray characters in action films, science fiction, etc., and characters in genres that back then would not typically be a proper role for a woman.

This evolution of a woman’s role in the film industry has led to many things. Women are being nominated or even winning categories in Academy Award shows that are not based on acting performance or costume design. 

Women in the film industry have come a long way and evolved so much. It is truly inspiring to many young women who want to become filmmakers. Past and current women filmmakers in the industry, on and off the screen, are paving the way for the future generation of women filmmakers.