An Ode to Alzada and the Aggies

Hilario Gomez, Reporter

OH, HOW THE MIGHTY FALL. Boo you Bama. The constant stomping of top-tier college football teams, destroying national championship hopes, and arguably ruining college football has finally come back to bite you. Perennial powerhouse and the former number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide fell to the Texas A&M Aggies last Saturday 41-38. An upset for the ages to say the very least, an underperforming Texas A&M team came in with no expectations, no national ranking, and their playoff aspirations destroyed by a tough loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks earlier this season and stunned the nation. 

The Aggies were led in this victory by sophomore quarterback Zac Alzada who had never put forth a product that most expected from such a highly rated recruit. Alzada started the season as the promising backup with the potential to be the future of the program but with injuries sidelining projected starter, Haynes King, Alzada was forced to grow up quickly. 

Boy, did he grow! He had a coming-out party vs Bama standing tall against constant pressure and delivering multiple NFL caliber throws for chunk gains in pivotal moments. His quintessential moment of the night was after a huge touchdown throw to Aeneas Smith, the electric gadget weapon where he took a gruesome hit to the knee which many expected to be a major injury. With the game being within 7 at that point all hope seemed lost with Alabama and star receiver Jameson Williams heating up and the ever-scary Bama defense looming. 

While walk-on freshman quarterback Blake Bost warmed up to take his first snaps ever in a live college football game Alzada walked triumphantly out of the tent and took the field to close out the game after an amazing stop by the Aggie defense. With many not believing Alzada would be able to walk out of the stadium, it was jaw-dropping to watch him take the field and continue to shred up the best defense in the country with confidence. 

As the final seconds came off the clock, the Alzada legend was cemented and thousands of fans rushed the field. With this win, Jimbo Fisher becomes the first of the Saban coaching tree to defeat Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide.