Veterans Day Parade returns in Bakersfield


Razan Makhlouf

Boy Scouts of America Troop at the annual Veterans Day Parade

Razan Makhlouf, Photo Editor

Veterans Day, a time to honor those who served and sacrificed to protect the country.

The Kern County Veterans Day Parade returned to the streets of Bakersfield for the first time since 2019.

Thousands of Kern County residents clapped, hooted, and cheered in the heart of Bakersfield for the 102nd annual Veterans Day Parade.

76 winding floats took off from L and 21st streets and finished around 21st and H streets.

Military tanks and old helicopters from the Minter Field Air Museum and veterans waved back at the crowd. Young and old alike came to celebrate and honor those who served.

Local leaders like State Senator Shannon Grove, Mayor Karen Goh, and Congressman Kevin McCarthy cheered on the crowd.

The parade was filled with classic cars, jeeps, pageant queens, bands and, of course a crowd favorite, horses. Many people were there supporting family members or just cheering on veterans in the community.

The Veterans Day Parade was filled with patriotism, and whether you spoke with a boy scout, a teacher, or a veteran, they all had the same message. It is important that we always honor and remember our veterans.