MLB Lockout

Jacob Bill

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Jacob Bill

Jacub Bill, Reporter

The month of March means one thing to baseball fans all over the country. It means that spring training is here, the month-long session where today’s stars and tomorrow’s greats practice together, and gear up for a grueling 162 game season.

Spring training facilities are spread out in the states of both Florida and Arizona, but if you go to those sites, you won’t see anything except for a few coaches, and a handful of minor league players getting ready. That’s because the MLB has implemented “Lockout” meaning nobody can practice, no teams can trade or sign players, and ultimately no games can be played under the Major League Baseball banner.

The Lockout was placed upon the league due to the MLB Players Association, and Team Owners disagreeing on multiple ideas like the way the game is played and financial issues. The lockout has lasted well over 100 days now. Two weeks ago MLB commissioner Rob Manfred decided to cancel the first week of the MLB season which was scheduled to start at the beginning of April, and with negotiations not being very productive according to multiple MLB insiders the potential for more games being canceled grows more and more every day.

MLB has already lost the traditional opening day, and the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier celebration could be next. The Lockout began on Dec. 2 of last year, and the week before saw a flurry of free agents sign contracts knowing that they may not have the chance anytime soon to sign a major deal.

If the lockout ends there are still major key players on the market like Clayton Kershaw, Freddie Freeman, and Carlos Correa who still need to find a home but have not been able to just yet. This isn’t the first time the season was in jeopardy the shortened 2020 season did not kick off until July, but in the months that came before fans had to wake up at the early hours of the morning to watch the KBO in order to get their baseball fix, and if the MLB can’t figure out an agreement then baseball fans may have to resort to that once again. Many questions still need to be answered with the main one being, will there be baseball in 2022?