Horror isn’t just for adults

Eduardo Martinez, Reporter

Hey kids, do you like violence? Because adults are not the only ones who like horror movies. There has been a lot of horror media directed toward  kids

While most adults would like to argue that introducing children to the genre may be dangerous or unsafe; horror could actually help children in building confidence when facing something that they fear. It can help build management in risk-taking and stress, and could help some kids find comfort, especially if they feel like outcasts.

This is very significant as childhood can be terrifying. Children are often subjected to the knowledge that they do not have any power over their life while being told that they are in constant danger.

While the majority of horror flicks and television may not be fit for kids, there is still media out there for them to enjoy and watch. Films and shows that would be good for kids would be the “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” “Coraline” and the “It” miniseries.

“Courage the Cowardly Dog” by John R. Dilworth is a show about a dog named Courage trying to protect his owners from monsters on a farm in the middle of nowhere. While Courage is often cowardly when confronted by these monsters, he continues to face them. It shows kids that courage is not about having no fear at all but having fear and doing it anyways.

“Coraline,” directed by Henry Selick, is about a girl named Coraline who discovers a parallel world hidden behind a secret door from which she needs to save her parents. Though  powerless in this parallel world created by the antagonist’s design, Coraline willingly takes on the risk and potentially deadly situations to save her parents. This flick shows kids the use of managing risk and stress under pressure.

“It,” the 1990 miniseries directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, is set in the 1960s. The story centers on seven young outcasts who fight a monster posing as a child-killing clown. While the miniseries does take on the theme of cycle of violence it also takes on the issue of being an outcast and finding solace with other outcasts. This series could help kids who feel like they don’t belong find comfort in knowing they’re not alone and that the pressure they face in childhood won’t last forever.

While there are many other movies that could be recommended this short list of flicks and shows is a great starting point for small horror fans.