Monsters are heroes

Eduardo Jr. Martinez, Reporter

While, they may bring up thoughts of terror and shivers; there no one that capture the hearts of the public other than monsters. Monsters are beloved around the world for how they terrorize and fill people with fear but, there might be more to this love than scares.Our love for monster draws from a feeling of sympathy.

Monsters from their very formation are sympathetic creatures with most of them being the victim of bad luck or tragedy compared to any actions they actually committed. Monsters such as Frankenstein’s monster, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface are victims of happenstance with their formation of becoming horror icons were out of their control due to their environment.

mug shot of columnist EJ Martinez
Eduardo, Jr. Martinez

Therefore, audiences shed tear when Frankenstein’s monster is chase by pitchforks and torches when all he wanted was to be accepted. The audience have a sense of heartbreak when the camera flashback to Jason Voorhees being bullied as a child because of his deformity. Movie goers are filled with pity when Leatherface is ridicule by his brother and father. Monsters provide a sense of vicarious freedom.

Monsters are unique as they are unconstrained by laws of nature or man-made laws allowing them to have superhuman ability and to enact any activity they choose to partake in even murder. While most people are unwilling to partake in such activities in real life monsters allow viewers to participate in the dark side of their imagination.

These monsters allow us to explore the dark side of ourselves in a safe and secure environment without the fear of hurting anyone by doing so. Monsters allow for the redressing of injustices. Although, the often cliché about horror movie monsters is that they attack innocent individuals, in some films monsters attack those who deserve it.

Films such as Basket Case, Leprechaun franchise, Dolls are perfect examples of monster redistributing their own sense of justice taking out their violent tendencies on greedy, cruel and sexual predators that well deserve it. Monsters are very much the dark and gore version superheroes, before there were superheroes, pulling on our heartstrings with their tragic origin stories, dispensing their own sense of justice and allow us to live out our wildness imaginations through them.