BC Professor Reggie Williams hosts final Gadfly Cafe session of the Fall semester in the Levan Center


Megan Fenwick

Bakersfield College student Kari Tiger, 25, and professor Reginald Williams laugh after Williams made a joke at the Gadfly Cafe event held in the Levan Center.

Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

Hosted by Reggie Williams, a philosophy professor, The Gadfly Café was held for the last time this fall semester on Nov. 8.

The Gadfly Café was started by a Bakersfield College professor named Rene Trujillo.

Held in The Levan Center for Humanities, The Gadfly Café offers different topics and themes for students to discuss. This semester, topics have ranged from wealth policies and progress to robotics in everyday life.

This time, Williams hosted The Gadfly Café, and will continue to do so for the spring semester. The topic for the Nov. 8 Gadfly Café was religion, purpose, and values.

Williams started off the discussion with the gathering of students by asking the question of how non-religious people get morals and whether or not religion is a necessity or if it has become outdated.

Kari Tiger, 25, said that she spent a majority of her childhood years in a church and said, “There’s definitely a purpose to religion. There’s a service that provides a community and, in a sense, it brings people together.”

One student brought up how if someone does not have parents, religion may be able to help in teaching those individuals right from wrong.

Williams said that we frequently hear the saying “God, the Father.” He added, “Not all cultures can see God in that way. There are different understandings of God that might well be in the room, but frequently in the West we tend to think that way.”

The topics that are held for The Gadfly Café are open for anyone interested to join. The next session is set to be held in the spring at the Levan Center for Humanities.