BC’s Pep Rally is a hit with students


Ruben Lira

Daryl Maiden spins the wheel to get some free BC swag.

Ruben Lira, Reporter

Bakersfield College held its first pep rally for the Fall Semester at the crossroads. The Pep Rally opened the season for athletes. The cheerleaders were out showing spirit and the drumline also performed for the crowd. As music was blared from the table’s lines were formed and students gathered to see the event.

Ruben Lira
Alexander Gonzales, Zaibrum Grimes, and Johnathon Soto show BC Spirit while getting some pancakes.

Bakersfield College Student Government Association had two tables for the event as well. One table served pancakes while the other had a wheel for BC merchandise ranged from little trinkets to larger items such as hand sanitizers, pens, sunglasses, and more. The pancakes were sold for $1 a pancake, and one free for athletes wearing a jersey or to any Student with a Kern Valley Care sticker.

“We served six people to start,” said former BCSGA President Dezi Von Manos who was serving the pancakes to students. “We have free pancakes for football students.”

Ruben Lira
Vice President Ashley Harp shows support at the pep rally pouring syrup on her pancake.

Students lined up for the table of merchandise in the hopes of some free goods in support of BC. The table not only offered prizes, but they also provided information about upcoming events, as well as what BCSGA had to offer in regards to student services.

Student Activities Manager, Beth Hilbe, commented about the wheel saying that the wheel will be out constantly at events so students should look forward to it more.

Ruben Lira
Karlee Nelson, Asia Johnson, Chelsey Davis, Sinica Villa, and Canelle Akines strike a pose.

As the day went on the cheerleaders drew attention with a quick cheer in the center of the quad.

Zaibrum Grimes a student who had got some pancakes and spun the wheel said the pep rally went well. “I came out because I saw the event,” said Grimes. “I had 2 pancakes and the drum solo was fun.”