The Mentalist makes another appearance at Bakersfield College


Amir Guyton

BC student Alexandra reads off serial numbers of a dollar bill to the Mentalist.

Amir Guyton, Reporter

Rich Aimbs, better known amongst the Bakersfield College community as The Mentalist, performed on Jan. 17 in the Huddle at Bakersfield College.

Aimbs explained to a crowd of roughly forty students what the difference was from him and typical magicians.

He had also explained earlier during an interview that the skill of being a mentalist was something that came about while he was practicing hypnosis in college.

“With magicians are skilled in specifically performing allusions and pulling tricks opposed to a mentalist one can’t distinguish the trick from reality,” said Aimbs.

Eventually he started the show and looked for his first volunteer from the surrounding area.

As the first volunteer took to the stage Aimbs made it clear that the participation of the crowd was needed so everyone would be in on the trick.

Amir Guyton
Samuel and his son Guillermo take center stage with the Mentalist for a trick.

As he placed a hypnosis circle in front of the participants face and faced it in the crowd’s direction while he rotated it using an electric drill, he asked everyone to focus on the center of the hypnosis circle as it spun around.

As he moved the hypnosis circle away, revealing her face, he told everyone to focus on the participants head.

As people looked closer, they realized that the person’s head was constantly changing sizes from big to small leaving the crowd in a laughter filled awe.

The crowd clapped while the participant exited the stage.

The Mentalist’s last trick of the day involved him using his wife, Marielle Aimbs, as a volunteer who was also an accomplished hypnotist and psychic herself.

They chose a participant from the crowd to offer Rich a dollar bill for him and the participant to both look at, and for Marielle to then use her psychic skills to read the serial number off to the crowd without knowing it while facing the opposite direction.

The Mentalist and his wife Marielle attempt a psychic trick.

It seemed like luck was on her side when she had read the first digit off correctly, but soon it was clear that her skills were no hoax as she continued to read off every letter and number correctly leaving everyone in a silent state of shock.

The Mentalist had once again played a mind game on Bakersfield College.