Rosie the Riveter themed easel event held to honor Women’s History Month


Bryana Lozoya

To celebrate Woman’s History Month Bakersfield College presented Rosie the Riveter Easel event on March 21 in the Gym Huddle.

Jazmin Velazquez, Reporter

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Bakersfield College and Brush and Blush Easel Events presented a fun evening painting Rosie the Riveter on March 21 at the Gym Huddle.

Rosie the Riveter was the star of a campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for defense industries during World War II, and she became perhaps the most iconic image of working women.

Bakersfield College has participated in the nationwide effort to recognize the historical accomplishments of women with a month-long series of programs presented by women who are in local and regional leadership positions.

In respect for Women’s History Month, people around the community came to draw an image of Rosie the Riveter who is an empowering icon back in the 1940s.

The theme for 2019 is Women and War.

Rosie worked as a riveter at the Willow Run Aircraft Factory in Michigan, building B-24 bombers for the U.S Army Air Forces.

“We are representing that powerful image of Rosie the Riveter who is a huge icon for all women in America,” BC student, Ian Sparks said.

The event provided snacks for everyone in the event while the participants were able to draw their paintings.

“The illustration of Rosie brought awareness that showed that us woman are strong and powerful” BC student, Paola Tello said.

“It reminds us that we are strong as men.”

Half of the seats were taken, not only women came but also men came to this event to honor women that took an entirely new job replacing the male workers who joined the military.

“This event we came to draw Rosie the Riveter who empower women in the workplace” BC student, Leah Morales said.

Rosie is used as a symbol of American feminism and women’s economic advantage.

Everyone added their own touch to their painting that women are strong and everyone who did a painting gathered together to take a picture showing their paintings of Rosie the Riveter.