Shakespeare Festival returns to campus

Alex Gutierrez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Performing Arts Department hosted the annual Kern County Shakespeare festival for community members and students. This year marked the 35th annual festival which was presented at the Indoor Theatre on various days.

Each year the Art department performs different Shakespearean works. This year’s feature presentations were the highly anticipated “Henry V” and “Twelfth Night.”
“Henry V” revolves around the real-life events of King Henry V of England, covering events of the Hundred Year War, including the before and after events and occurrences of the Battle of Agincourt.
“Twelfth Night” was a comedy following the lives of Viola and Sebastian, twins that were separated from a shipwreck which ultimately lead the fate of one of the twins.
This play has many adaptations, most popular being “She’s The Man” starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, which has a similar plot – centering on a female character who changes her appearance and identity to portray as male for her desires. From the original to adaptation, each end with love being found and desires being fulfilled.
The Indoor Theatre was nearly with a full house on some days filled with interested BC students and community goers.  A lot of effort and dedication is put into each performance to bring realism and an in-depth portrayal of Shakespeare’s work. Every fall, students can expect the Shakespeare festival, a week-long event, to entice the community and school in Shakespeare culture.
Though it’s unclear about what plays will be performed at the next Shakespeare festival, it is clear they will each be enacted in the way most resembling Shakespeare’s original writings.
The Shakespeare festival at BC is a representation of William Shakespeare and his most original works.