STEM department shows off chemistry


Tiarra McCormick

Timothy Plett with the Bakersfield College Artificial Intelligence club giving a demonstration using grapefruit as a power source to see how electrical current affects metals during STEM Week.

Tiarra McCormick, Reporter

The STEM faculty hosted a Marvelous Metals Event outside on campus. 

The STEM department and other related clubs put up booths displaying their work. 

Students were able to walk from various booths and watch as demonstrations took place. There was a strawberry DNA extraction demonstration shown by Angela Hill in the Biology Department where she talked about genetics. 

Timothy Plett from the Bakersfield College Artificial Intelligence club showed how electrical current flowed from grapefruit can change different metals like aluminum and copper.

Another booth showed a robot writing out people’s names on paper it using code from an algorism shown by the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement club. 

The operator was Martin Perez and Ramsses Patterson who told people about the club and robot. The Psychics club booth demonstrated how fast a person’s reaction time was by how fast they caught a yard stick. 

The various reaction times was considered data that could be used to see the average time it took a person to react. The Engineering/Women in Science and Engineering booth had students put together a puzzle giving them examples and using spaghetti and marshmallows, hosted by Ben Duval. 

During the event, students received cards if they participated in the different games each booth offered. 

With two cards students they were able to get food. The booth was covered by Dan Kimball, chemistry professor, who took their two cards, they wrote their name down, and gave them a hot dog and soda. The Financial Aid booth offered pens, highlighters, and USB flash drives and answered any questions. The event hosted many booths and there was something interesting for everyone to see.R