BC Veterans Resource center gathers items for troops overseas

Jacqueline Gutierrez, Reporter

The Veterans Resource Center partnered with the Blue Star Moms and gathered care package items for troops who are deployed overseas at the Operation: Not Forgotten event in front of the admissions building on Nov. 19.

“We take donations a few times around the year and they [the Blue Star Moms] take those items and at different points, in the year they pack everything up and ship it off. Because unfortunately we [the Veterans Resource Center] do not have the resources to ship it out,” said Nicolas Geddes, a veteran who works in the Veterans Resource Center.

The Blue Star Moms is a non-profit organization that comprises of military mothers and together they support American troops by donating care packages to all branches of the military, according to the Blue Star Moms website.

Jacqueline Gutierrez
Employees from the Veterans Resource Center receiving donations for care packages in front of the administration building on Nov. 19.

“Honestly it’s nice [helping out troops overseas]. When I was serving in the Navy, it was nice getting things not only from my family but also from other organizations, Like the USO [United Service Organization]. Personally, speaking I remember getting socks and it was perfect. It’s nice to feel cared for when you are thousands and thousands of miles away,” said Geddes.

The USO is an organization that helps troops, and their families, who are deployed feel more at home when they are away. The USO also brings entertainment, such as celebrities and movies, to the troops who are deployed, according to the USO website.

This event, along with many other events like Vet Fest, were part of the Veterans Month event that were hosted by the Veterans Resource Center.

At the Operation” Not Forgotten event community members were able to donate: hair ties, Chapstick, Baby Powder, beef jerky, Ramen noodles, and even letters of support, according to the BC website.

At the Operation: Not Forgotten event the employees from the Veterans Resource Center was not receiving monetary donations but at any time anyone can donate both monetary and nonmonetary donations.