Which streaming service is best to use right now

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, people have been shut into their homes leaving them with much more time on their hands than normal. This is the time to binge watch favorite shows and movie sequels.

Many streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu have seen an increase in subscriptions amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Lately many of the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have been having trouble streaming due to the mass amounts of people streaming their shows while in quarantine. 

Another downfall of the streaming services right now is the streaming quality. Disney+ has reduced the quality of their streams to handle the amount of streaming going on.

Nonetheless, it is still a good idea to get a subscription to at least one service to help pass the time. 

The cheapest option is Apple TV+, which is five dollars per month. They have lots of originals like “Truth be Told, See,” and “The Morning Show.” The only thing is that only users of apple devices will be able to stream Apple TV+ as it is not available for Android. 

Hulu is also cost friendly being six dollars a month. They have a variety of shows that they stream, and they even have live TV available. The only thing is that getting Live TV with Hulu is expensive and is basically a cable provider being $60 per month.

Disney+ is the next cost up being seven dollars per month. It does have some originals like “High School Musical: The Musical,” “Star Girl,” and “The Mandalorian.” Disney has decided to release “Frozen 2” and “Onward” to make it available for viewers due to COVID-19. They do not, however, have many originals and most of the content has already been seen by everyone as a child. 

Amazon Prime Video’s cost is nine dollars per month. They recently have made some children shows available to stream for free amid the coronavirus crisis. This helps some parents to keep their children busy now that they are not in school all day. They are, however, behind other services. For example, they have just recently come out with profiles so that others’ shows don’t get mixed up on the same account. That is something that Netflix has had for a long time and Disney+ has had since birth.

Netflix, the most popular streaming service, has had the most subscriptions of all. The cost ranges from nine dollars per month to 16. Netflix has the most variety of shows as it has been out the longest. Yes, Disney has pulled their content from it, but there is still some Marvel content available. Also a new Google extension has come out for Netflix called Netflix Party. It allows multiple users to sync a show or movie and watch it together while they are separate. It is time to Netflix and virtually chill.

If money is an issue and you have a Smart TV go with it’s free streaming service like Roku and Samsung. 

Of all the streaming services, Netflix is definitely the way to go. It has the most original content, you can have a watch party while in self-quarantine, and there is so much to watch that it will be a definite pastime.