BCSGA holds Senate meeting via Zoom

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

Representatives of the Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) came together for a Body of the Senate meeting on April 22 where they discussed committee meetings and results of the SGA online elections. 

Seven of the eight officers were present during the meeting. 

Current representatives congratulated winners of the election for next year’s SGA. They also discussed participation from BC students in the elections. 

“We only had about 200 votes,” BCSGA President Samantha Pulido said. She explained that it was difficult for this election to get more student participation because they could not campaign on campus. 

“Next year push to make student activity more vibrant,” Pulido said. She encouraged next year’s representatives to push for bills that were not passed like the Student Health Wellness Bill, and to get students more involved with different activities. 

They also discussed the difficulties they faced with committee meetings. “I don’t know why but all of my committee meetings have been postponed,” BC Senator Justin Torres said. 

Most of the senators faced the same problem as him, while others have joined their meetings but have fallen short with only four people present. 

Their main target for the meeting was discord. They are working together to help BC to use primarily discord to have more control of online meetings and streaming. Recent events have brought to light the danger of public meetings with little to no control, and discord could help solve some concerning issues. 

They are training to use discord to better understand and get a hang of it to better their pitch for switching to discord. BCSGA advisor Benny Balderrama explained that they are “pushing to be the first college to switch over to discord,” as their primary source of meetings and stream in an attempt to prevent further issues.