Drive-in movie night at BC

Selena Paiz, Reporter

As a part of Bakersfield College’s homecoming week, BC held a Drive-in movie night on Friday Oct. 16 at the student free parking lot. The movie “Shrek” started at 7:30 pm until the movie ended.
Those who attended had to obtain tickets through the Bakersfield College website to get a receipt and drive in.
As attendees drove in, staff lead them to parking spots and made sure that cars were at a six-feet distance to follow social distancing guidelines. Security was also at the event to make sure everything went smoothly.
Instructions on a giant projector told participants to adjust their radios to 89.7 FM so they would be able to hear the movie while in their car.
Rows of cars parked were as families were getting ready to watch the movies by either sitting in their cars with the windows open or by bringing their own chairs to be comfortable.
“We came up with the idea of a drive-in movie because it was an easy option to keep people socially distanced and Shrek is a family friendly movie.” said the BC’s director of student organization Daniel Escobar, “The drive-in event was originally supposed to be in the stadium parking lot, but there was some construction going on so we switched it to here and it turned out great.”
To set up the event to make it possible the student organization rented a projector along with the screen.
There were a lot of attendees there at the event and all seemed to enjoy their time there with their families.
“We found out about this event through my husband who works here at Bakersfield College as security. We loved the movie night idea, and it was fun. We brought our kids and snacks, but unfortunately we forgot our blankets,” said Maribel Salazar.
“The event was good. My wife and I like to go to these events. We had heard about the drive-in event through Facebook. Though my concern would be for the cars that need a jump because their cars might have died,” said Sam Loo.