BCSGA gives step by step instruction on the voting process

Joselyn Green, Reporter

Get out the vote was put together by BCSGA, and it helped students understand how to register to vote and where ballots can be dropped off. The members of BCSGA gave step by step instruction on how to register to vote in steps.
First, visit the government polling locator website to find the local assigned polling location. Then go to that location, register to vote, and after registration, fill out the ballot at the assigned polling location.
A member of BCSGA said “the vote will be conditional until your registration has been approved. Voting is your opportunity as a citizen to have a voice in the future direction of your city, state, and country.”
If there is confusion on where to find local polling stations, according to BCSGA, community members can visit the California Secretary of State’s website and use the voting information tool at www.sos..ca.gov/elections/polling-place.
After visiting the website, it will ask to insert in your home address, and the site will show the nearest available polling locations near you. BCSGA explained that to vote before election day, the back of the voted ballot should be signed, and it can be mailed back without postage needed.
“Ballots can be dropped off in person at the election office, a satellite election office, or a curbside drop off event” BCSGA stated.
Before election day, go to the county’s election office or satellite offices and look for polling sites. On election day, find your polling location by going online or going to the County’s Elections office. Then “you may conditionally/provisionally” according to BCSGA. Remember, votes will be processed after the county elections office have completed the voter registration verification process.
If voting in person you will need to bring the ballot that was mailed to you to your polling location on Election Day. If you have no ballot, the vote will be conditional, and the process of confirming the vote will take longer, according to BCSGA.
When voting in person, wearing a mask will be required while at the polling stations.