Bakersfield College’s Ceramic Sale

Collin Acevedo, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Art Department will be holding a ceramic sale on Dec. 1-2 in the rose garden outside FA 30. The event will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the main Panorama Campus, with a vast amount of items for sale. 

Associate Professor Darrin Ekern stated, “They are all different depending on the assignment. We have cylinders, cups with handles, bowls sometimes bottles, jars, and plates.”

Selling mainly ceramic products for everyday use, the work is a combination of both students’ and teachers’. Doing a 70/30 split with the majority going to the students and the remainder to the ceramic foundation account. 

Ekern stated, “I try to do it at the end of each semester, so students learn about this part of the process.”

Although some students don’t take part in the sale, it’s very much encouraged, with the sale accumulating three different levels of ceramics in multiple classes. As well as the inclusion of faculty work such as Associate Professor Ekern, who’s selling a few example pieces he created this semester, but he still insists on the importance of the students’ participation. With the prices ranging from $10-$60 they’ll be accepting cash, check, or credit card as ways of purchase.