Veterans Pre-Commencement

Collin Acevedo, Features Editor

Graduation sparks new beginnings, and tomorrow shines more lucrative than today in new tidings. Another school year has passed, and another vast some of students graduate to further themselves within the world. Still, within this certain group of graduates, there are 65 who have military relationships and will be recognized in a pre-commencement ceremony for veterans.

Being the first in-person commencement ceremony since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Veterans Center is working hard to celebrate those who have achieved this honor. Taking place Thursday, May 12, from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M. at the Veterans Center.

Speaking with Mrs. Jenny Frank, Veterans Services and Programs manager, she talked about the Veteran Center’s help and dedication.

“The Veteran Resource Center remained steadfastly beside them for their entire educational journey. This event is truly a moment of celebration for their accomplishments. Each and every student veteran has sacrificed for us, the Bakersfield College Veteran Resource Center is pleased to have been able to now serve them.”

Going on further to describe the moment, Frank stated.

“Transition from military to civilian life is difficult for many veterans. Some of our veterans question if they belong in higher education. Many suffer from disabilities both seen and unseen. Their choice to attend Bakersfield College and the accomplishment of receiving a degree is one that for this special cohort of students is especially sweet.”

The hard work and dedication that these veterans put in stands to return to them for all their hard work, thanks to the Veterans Center.