New BC Dining Commons now features Starbucks

Jocelynn Landon, Reporter

The new dining commons at Bakersfield College, formerly known as the BC café, was renovated this past year and is already a popular choice to eat for not only the students but faculty and staff as well.

Workers in the BC dining commons
Bakersfield College Starbucks employees helping make the students drinks. (Jocelynn Landon)

It features a variety of foods, and several staff member work there, offering help.

“It’s really like kind and respectful and welcoming,” BC student Yareli Campos said. “You can’t deny the food… tons of choice.”

This includes everything from healthy selections to daily specials everything is also super affordable making it a great place to stop by to crush your hunger. Students who bring their BC ID card to campus will also get the perk of not having to pay tax on food.

Curious about what the dining commons is cooking up? Make sure to turn on your email notification to the Renegade Pulse, a student resource for things that are happening on campus, with an updated menu every week.

Have you heard of BC Starbucks? Over the summer of 2022, Bakersfield College got a Starbucks. Staff member Kellie Tucker said, “The coffee first thing in the morning, especially if you’re running late” is a perk.

The Starbucks at BC is something unique because they employ mostly BC culinary arts alumni. The cafe manager, Gabrielle Mosley, a recent graduate of Bakersfield College stated, “The culinary team here and the culinary team at the Renegade Room really try and partner here so we make the best like experience for the students.”

students eat in dining commons at Bakersfield College
Nursing students enjoying the BC dining commons while studying together. (Jocelynn Landon)

The staff members also put their creativity to a test with their “Drink of the Week” option. At the start of the fall 22’ semester, they had Dragons Blood, created by barista Austin, a mango dragon fruit lemonade, with strawberry purée.

In addition to coffee, plenty of snacks are available. From blueberry muffins to wraps, there are several options to satisfy a sweet tooth.